Choosing to become a coach is such a major step, not only in your career, but in your life as well. You’ve most likely been thinking about this next step for a long time. I know what this means to you, because I did it myself over 15 years ago, and have since helped 1000s of others step into their purpose, becoming not just coaches, but extraordinary coaches.

Your first task is to answer the questions below.

They are designed to help me determine whether or not you’re in the best possible place to benefit from this training program. I look for a specific set of conditions and a very particular kind of person, so that I know I can bring out the most desirable outcome from my high-value training; meteoric financial success & spiritual expansion of your unique genius.  

In order to ensure that this is a perfect fit for you, please answer the questions fully and thoroughly. 

Your second step will be to have a conversation with me. I will be asking deeper and more clarifying questions to make sure that this training program is an ideal match for you. 
As a gift to you we are including a lesson plan from the curriculum so that you may experience a taste of the high value training that you would be receiving. Once you fill out the application you will be able to download your gift.  
Alejandra Crisafulli
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